Bungalows, Rates & More

Our bungalows are equipped with Queen size beds with cotton sheets, fans, safety boxes, electric sockets, stylish mosquito nets, and large private bathrooms with sinks, hot showers, western toilets, soap & shampoo, stylish tiled floors and walls, and an elegant artwork.  Each bungalow has its own balcony complete with a bench chair, hammock and table. 
The Cottages have a personal touch and are additionally equipped with air conditioning, Cable TV, a Fridge and a more spacious room and terrace and a King size bed. 
The Penthouse (Large House built on stilts) is something special and individual, occupies two or four, it has a Jungle/Garden View and the open Bathroom overlooks the Jungle behind the Resort, all rooms have a beautiful Garden view experience.

Free hi-speed Wi-Fi is accessible from each room and throughout the property, reception strength according to the device. 

Hot Showers & Safety boxes are installed in all rooms.

Laundry service is available on-site 50 Baht per Kilo.   

Information about LITTLE EDEN Bungalows

11 Bungalows with fans & hot showers
3 Cottages with King size beds and are additionally
equipped with Air Conditioning, 24" Flat screen TV and a Fridge.
1 Penthouse with Jungle View, Fans, a King size bed and a Queen size bed, 24" flat screen TV & Hot Shower and a Fridge, open bathroom with Jungle view, but without a/c.

24 hours / Mountain stream water

 Rooms Queen size bed with fan, safety boxes, hot shower, three sockets, hammock, mosquito net and toiletries, Cottages are slightly more spacious have a King size bed, and are equipped with Air Conditioning, a Fridge, 24" flat screen TV and a safety box. The Penthouse (no a/c) has twin double beds, ideal for families.


Free hi-speed Wireless Internet / WiFi reception throughout the premises, reception strength according to the device.
 Room Rates

How to Book?
High Season  10th October - 9th May
Standard Bungalow  700 Baht per night
Cottage with A/C  1,100 Baht per night
Penthouse  1,100 Baht per night

Peak Season  10th December - 20th January
Standard Bungalow  900 Baht per night 
Cottage with A/C  1,500 Baht per night
Penthouse  1,500 Baht per night

Green Season  10
th May - 9th October
Standard Bungalow  450 Baht per night
Cottage with A/C  700 Baht per night
Penthouse  700 Baht per night 

All prices include service and 7% VAT excluding breakfast

Please note that we only accept bookings for 3 nights or more

All prices are subjected to change without prior notice

Make a reservation . . . how?
Use the
"Contact form" on the Contact page to check Availability and to make a Reservation.

We welcome payments from Credit cards 2% surcharge and Paypal 4.4%

There are also 2 ATM teller machines at the Supermarket at the bottom of the lane on the main road.

Jungle Weather and LITTLE EDEN in the Green season

Jungle Weather

One of the advantages of living up next to the Jungle is the air mixture coming down from the cool Jungle, our altitude is not significant but makes a big difference in temperature. You will experience the sounds of the Jungle here, so many insect noises such as the cicada*, bird and animal noises, in the green season you can hear the waves of the sea too. Look out for the bird sound mistaken by a cat, and the soft scream of eagles hovering above.

*The Cicada
This insect is often 
mistaken for some kind of electronic tool or a siren, the insect is called a Cicada, it is able to make sustained tones, it is certainly worth a search in google or youtube. Many Thais love to eat these insects, even alive just rip their wings and legs off and in it goes, but usually they are deep fried. At market stalls you will find grass hoppers, skewered parson's noses, chicken's intestines or fried claws and more. . . . . maybe you are courageous enough to try some for yourself, very nutritious foods.

Weather in Thailand

Thai Meteorological Department http://www.tmd.go.th/en/index.php

Winter or The cold season

Winter is from middle October till end of February, many people think is the hot season, but it is actually the cold season. Here the weather is stable, hardly ever rains and the sea is mostly calm as a pond. Of course there are exceptions, and David tries to give customers a relatively correct forecast for the day, or the week. The green season starts at the middle to end of April and ends about the beginning to middle of October. A cozy time to chill out and enjoy nature, Koh Chang shows it's true face. In Europe you would curl up in front of a fire, here it is nice to curl up in front of a fan.

The green season

The Green Season is better known by most people as the rain season, don't be falsely distracted, it is not as half as bad as thought to be. Koh Chang is a young island for tourists, every year more and more people visit the island in the green season, there is so much unspoilt scenery.

The middle of April till May marks the hottest time in Thailand, but on Koh Chang it does not get hotter than 33 degrees, feels warmer though because of the humidity, in other parts of Thailand the temperature can rise to over 40 degrees which is uncomfortable because it is over ones own blood temperature so everything you touch is hot.

Between the end of April and August it usually rains on Koh Chang in the evening or night for an hour or so when it is dark or even in the morning but usually stops just after breakfast or should I say 10:00, this seems to be an accurate mile stone, if the rain does not stop by 10:00 then it might rain all day, but usually by 10:10 the sun is shining. Sometimes it can be fantastic weather for weeks with no rain.

September is the wettest month, in August and September it can rain for one or two days non-stop. Sometimes it can rain on and off for a week or so but can also be sunny for two to three weeks non stop too.

It is warm so if you are caught in the rain you are soon dry again. Every 7-eleven sell capes for 50 Baht, and LITTLE EDEN provides everybody with a personal umbrella.

The scenery in the green season is gob smacking, when it stops raining the mist folds in waves and ripples over the rain forest mountains, breathtaking scenes, see images below.

In the green season the tides are stronger, the sea is mostly rough but occasionally can also be calm, so snorkeling and diving can still be possible. The beaches can be very dangerous, there are ripp tides which suck people out into the deep, if you ever get stuck in this situation try to swim out of the tide sideways, paralel to the beach. Many people have died on Koh Chang, usually due to lack of knowledge, or due to carelessness, so please take care. At the north far end of Lonely beach the Ripp tides are strong. There are usually red flags when swimming is not recommendable.

Just before the Green season (about April) on Koh Chang tons and tons of sand are transported from the south to the north end of Beaches by an anticlockwise circular current, in July the sea starts to rotate in the opposite direction bringing the sand back again, by the end of August most of the sand has returned. If you stand in the sea it is unusual to experience the current pulling you sideways. So the South of Lonely Beach is stony for half the year and sandy for the other half.

There are still many activities such as snorkelling trips and some days even good for diving, but there are many other things to do like fantastic Cooking classes, trekking, fishing, or just motor-biking exploring the island, or just enjoy the jungle atmosphere and read a book, and some people like to be here and call it their Jungle Office, we have a fast internet connection accessible throughout the resort. 

There is a very professional Dentist on Klong Prao "The Koh Chang Dentist Clinic", so if you need anything done he is wonderfully skilled and they have very modern technology.

Just behind Little Eden there are beautiful streams and waterfalls after large rain falls, it is so calming to lay in the stream for half an hour and listening to the water flowing and enjoying the energy of the Jungle.

So all in all a trip to Koh Chang can be a low budget holiday and you would experience the Island at it's best, well it is a rain forest! A couple of visitors who live on the island said "Little Eden" is the last piece of paradise on Koh Chang.

About Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the third largest island of Thailand (largest island in the Ko Chang Marine Park archipelago), located on the Thai east coast 310 km away from Bangkok near the border to Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. The name means Elephant Island. Ko Chang was named for the elephant shape of its headland, although elephants are not indigenous to the island. It is a mountainous island and Khao Salak Phet is the highest peak of all at 744 meters. The island has several waterfalls, thriving coral reefs and rain-forests. The island has an area of approximately 217 square kilometers.

A little History about the little Island, the third largest Island in Thailand

Ko Chang was an unsettled island in the past but it is now important as a harbour for ships to escape from the monsoon, and dietary or fresh water resources, especially at Ao Salak Phet or Ao Salat which is well known to pirates, Hai Lam Chinese and Vietnamese.

The island is part of the Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park. During World War II, when Thailand was occupied by Japanese forces, Ko Chang was the scene of a naval battle between the reluctant Royal Thai Navy and a Vichy France squadron, in which the Thais were decisively beaten. At Long beach, a couple of hundred meters further on there is a war monument, it's worth a visit there is a nice secluded beach there, a ceremony usually takes place in the middle of January ever year starts at sunrise. Monks and Army soldiers lead the ceremony, a tug of war takes place too between soldiers and anyone who dares to join in. . . .  it's tough (we broke the rope once then won twice)

Until the mid-1980s the infrastructure on the island was undeveloped, but tourism has increased significantly since then.

Prior to World War II, Ko Chang was little known by anyone. During this period, the few families there made a living growing coconuts and fruit on the mainland. In January 1941, during the Japanese occupation, the Thai Navy fought the French in a battle in the waters to the south-east of Ko Chang. It was the French who were the victors after the Thai naval ship was sunk.

Nothing else happened to Ko Chang until the first backpacker foreigners started arriving on the back of local fishing boats in the mid-1970s. In 1982, Ko Chang along with surrounding area became part of the protected Mu Chang Marine. 

Bungalows. . . cl!ck photos to enlarge

Relax in the Hammock

Cosy Bungalows

Inside fan Bungalow

Inside fan Bungalow
Bungalow Bathroom

Cottage Balcony

Inside Cottage

Inside Cottage
The Penthouse with a distant Sea View

Inside Penthouse

Inside Penthouse

After the rain east side Dan Mai

After the rain east side Dan Mai

After the rain south east Salapet

A stream and waterfalls behind Little Eden taken in September

Ceremony at the War Monument

Gifts to Buddha