Little Eden - Koh Chang

LITTLE EDEN is a small, nicely priced bungalow resort on Koh Chang, a beautiful island off the east coast of Thailand. Little Eden is located just up and away from the busy village area, a short walk from Lonely Beach itself, and many activities nearby. LITTLE EDEN offers Cosy Traditional Thai thatched cool Bungalows, Comfortable Cottages with a personal touch and a large single room Penthouse, all located in a beautiful Tropical Jungle/Garden. There is an atmospheric restaurant bar & lounge with great ambiance.

The Village area offers many facilities, bars, restaurants, shops, mini markets, massage parlours, a fitness studio, live music bars, cocktail bars, techno bars, tattoo studios etc. Lonely beach is renowned for it's night life, enjoy.

Location of LITTLE EDEN

4/47 Moo1, Soi Tian Chai 3, Lonely Beach, South Koh Chang, Koh Chang, 23170 Trat, Thailand

See directions "Getting here" below


David - (+66) English, Thai and German

Reception - (+66) 092.756.4992 English Thai

Ferries to Koh Chang

Koh Chang Ferry (Ao Thammachat) crossing takes about 30 minutes, leaves 6:45am - 7pm every 45 minutes.

Centrepoint Ferry (Laem Ngop) crossing takes about 1 hour, 6:30am - 7:30pm leaves every half past the hour to Koh Chang, on the hour leaving Koh Chang.

Shared taxi (Songtheaw) on the island to Little Eden

Once on the island jump on a shared Taxi (songtheaw), ask to go to "Soi 3" on Lonely Beach or just say Little Eden, they should charge 100 Baht each and the drive is about 30 Minutes, then turn up the lane and walk 150 meters to Little Eden.

From Koh Mak, Koh Kood and Koh Wai

You can book a wooden boat or a speed boat from where you will be staying (Bang Bao Boat), will take you to Bang Bao Koh Chang, then they will transfer you to Little Eden by private transfer service.

"Getting here"

From Khao San road

Quick & Easy Minibus from Khao San Road all the way to LITTLE EDEN Koh Chang, leaves every day at 10am, Tel. 06.1443.1033 located at the end of Khao san road.

From Ekamai Bus station Bangkok

The 999Express 6:30. 7:45 and 9:45 to both ferry piers, Ekamai station is located on the Skytrain line.

From Ekamai there are Minibusses which will take you to the ferry port, there is also the Cherdchai Tour bus which drives to Trat Bus station, they leave about every two hours from 6:00 to 23:30, then take a shared Taxi (songthaew) to one of the ferry ports.

Once you are on the island take a White shared Taxi (Songthaew) to Soi 3 on Lonely beach, should charge you 100 Baht each person, but if the Taxi is not full they might charge you a bit more, the drive should take around 30 minutes. Once off the Taxi, turn left into "Soi 3" and walk up the hill about 150 meters to Little Eden on your left.

Fly from Suvarnabhumi Airport

A bit expensive but very convenient, Bangkok Air only, there are 3 flights daily high season and 2 in the low season (for about 3,500 Baht) only an hour's flight, then take the Airport Minibus to Little Eden for 550 Baht per person.

Minibus from Suvarnabhumi

"SWB tours" leave Suvarnabhumi to Lonely Beach Koh Chang, departure from the Aiport 7:50am (11:00 & 14:00). Tel. Bangkok office +66 (0) 837942122. You will find them on the ground floor at the airport.

Taxi from Bangkok

Taxi from Bangkok should charge you about 4,500 Baht door to door.

Tip: less expensive: get the Taxi only to the ferry port, should be only about 3,000 to 3,500, then pay the 80 Baht each for the ferry yourself and pay the 100 Baht each for the taxi to Lonely beach.

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Cosy Bungalows

Cosy Evenings

Cosy Restaurant

Fly with Bangkok Air

You can fly back to Bangkok Airport but with Bangkok Air only, there are 3 flights a day in the high season and 2 in the low season for about 3,500 Baht, only an hour's flight. A minibus (Bangkok Air Service) will charge you 550 Baht to and from the Airport.

Taxi all the way

We can also organise you a Taxi from Little Eden to Bangkok for 5,000 Baht including the Ferry ticket for 2 people, this will take to your Hotel in Bangkok, also ask for other destinations.

To Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kood

You can book your tickets with us standard prices, wooden boat or speed boat to the islands, they will pick you up at Little Eden, wooden boat leaves at 9am so pickup at 8.30. Speed boat leaves at 9.30 and at 12:00.

Day trips and half day trips to Koh Wai and Koh Mak are also available.

Transport to these islands only in the high season. There is a service but you would have to take the ferry to the main land first, then Taxi to the Lemn Ngob for Koh Mak and Trat Lemn Sok for Koh Kood.

For other options, please ask David or the reception for more information and prices.

Back to Bangkok

To Suvarnabhumi Airport or the Victory Monument or Khao San road

We use a dependable vendor who offers a Quick & Easy minibusservice, pick up at LITTLE EDEN, drives to the Suvarnabhumi Airport, then Victory Monument then Khao San road, the service runs three times a day from 8:30 11:30 and 13:30, only 650 Baht including ferry tickets, duration usually about six hours.

Taxi to the Ferries

On Lonely Beach, just down the road on the right before the little Bridge Taxis leave to the Ferries on the hour every hour from 7am till 5pm. They will charge you 100 Baht each. Other taxis do not have license to go, so they would charge 400 Baht each.

To Suvarnabhumi Airport only, 6am, 10.40am, 4.40pm

SWB Tours has a Minibus service and big bus to Suvarnabhumi Airport only, for 650 Baht at 6:00am 9:00am or 11:40 noon or 4:40pm, about six hours.

Big bus 999 Express to Ekamai

The 999Express bus operates from Centrepoint and Koh Chang Ferry (Ao Saparot) to Ekamai, 14:00, usually booking not necessary. Taxis go from Lonely beach "on the hour every hour" to both ferry ports as from 7am to 5pm for 100 Baht per person, if you need to go any other time you probably be charged 400 Baht. . . each.

Alternatively you can take a Songtheaw from the main road to the ferry ports (they leave on the hour every hour), on the main land take a Songtheaw to the Trat Bus station, then take the Cherdchai Tour bus to Ekamai, they leave every 1-2 hours from 7am-11:30pm.

Transfer to neighbouring islands

Koh Kood, Koh Mak and Koh Wai

We offer a good service, pickup at Little Eden, speed boat or wooden boat to the neighbouring islands. Service is only available in the high season.

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