LITTLE EDEN We will BOOK your Excursion, snorkeling, diving, trekking, cooking class etc.

We have chosen a specific selection of Tours and Operators that we think you at LITTLE EDEN would personally prefer, a more individual selection, we will give you advice and tips because we would like you to have a great time and come back again one day.

We can book your typical adventure trips like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, cooking classes, elephant trekking, jungle trekking, transportation to the nearby islands and of course a minivan to Bangkok.

The tour operators will pick you up directly at LITTLE EDEN.

Ask for tips on individual excursions, locations and things to do around the island, our aim is to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Sometimes small things can make a big difference.

Our rates are basically the same like most tour shops on Lonely beach, but we offer a more individual service and support.

Freedom of the Island

Happy Holidays

Dan Mai Waterfall

East side of the island

Judith and Benno


Chinese Temple

Klong Son, read your fortune

Rent a Motorscooter

LITTLE EDEN has Motorscooters for rent, Honda Clicks 125cc Automatics, and we take care of them, the clicks have a dual braking system, 24 hours 200 Baht low season, 250 Baht high season.

There are other rental shops in the village, some are trustworthy and some not so trustworthy, some a bit cheaper and some more expensive depending on the owners. These shops will ask to keep your Passport as a deposit, no passport no scooter!

If you damage their scooter and the shop asks for money and you don't want to pay, then they will not return your passport until you pay up.

Driving license not necessary just like home hehehe.

If you get stopped by the police it would be because you are not wearing a helmet, 200 Baht fine each, sometimes they set up road blocks in the afternoon in different spots.

If you are traveling somewhere in Asia before arriving on Koh Chang try practicing riding a scooter elsewhere on the flat first as the hills on Koh Chang are steep and twisty, so experience is important for your own safety.

We don't rent to newcomers! . . . But 😃

You can't drive a Scooter but want to and you feel confident, David can show you how to ride one, teach you the basics, follow you to check your stability, and then if your good then you are going to have a great time exploring the island. Just keep your hat on, keep cool.

When driving around the island most villages have fuel stations where the fuel should be 28 Baht liter, but most places sell 0.7l bottles for 40 Baht. The bikes are not insured so any damages you will be asked to pay yourselves, also for the additional time it is away for service.

SAFETY TIP: If it starts to rain and your up in the mountains then STOP! In this moment the roads get slippery like ice, drizzle is the most dangerous hazard. It is because of the thin layer of rubber which is left by hot tires from bikes, cars and trucks on the steep roads. You won't get up the hills because of the slipperiness. . . . but you will get down, so better to stop and get wet, or best advice to keep out of the hills if the weather is dodgy. Even on the straits its slippery. Advanced TIP: If you do an emergency brake you can see how the bike reacts, this is how you can judge how slippery the road is.

SAFETY TIP: Please remember to reduce your speed before corners and accelerate gently out of them.

And if the bike happens to fall off or over, switch off the engine before trying to pick the bike up, otherwise the bike might take off without you. . . a nasty mess.

There are also Songtheaws (white taxi pickups) which are driving up and down the island, they will charge 60 - 100 Baht per each depending on the destination.

We can also get you a car to rent, 1,200 Baht for the day.


On Koh Chang the beaches are owned by the island and not the resorts so you should be able to access the beaches through most resorts. There are also road signs directing you to the sea.


. . . there are two main waterfalls on the island, one on the west side Klong Plu, this one there is a stream and a path about 800 meters long leading up to the Waterfall with many ponds for swimming, dip your feet in and wait a while then little fish will come and nibble on your feet, fish Spa.

Chinese Temple

. . . here you can shake your fortune, ask how to do this, this is a typical Thai cultural ceremony, once a month this is usually practiced, the Thais are a bit superstitious. . .

Once you have shaken out your 1 chop sticks you will see a number on the stick, at the sides of the temple there is a cupboard with numbers indicating the number on your chop stick, please take the corresponding fortune paper, it is written in Thai, English and Chinese.

Caution please don't step on the door frame entering the temple and don't forget to take your shoes off.

The East side of the island

Dan Mai waterfall

More than the eye can see! On the east side the waterfall near Baan Dan Mai "Than Mayom waterfall" has spectacular shelves which you can climb up to if you dare, big jumps into deep pools. The other waterfall just north of that is called Khlong Nonthi waterfall.

There is also a good and inexpensive seafood restaurant in the south east called Salakok Seafood, at this location Kayaks can be rented for paddling through the Monggroves.

In the Salakphet there is also a very nice walkway in the mangroves, really worth a visit, just after the small temple on the left there is a road leading to the way.

The east side the island is totally different to the west side, no steep hills, the beaches are mostly stoney, mangrove woods, breathtaking mountains and vegetation. A favourite destination is Long Beach, it is a big day out and a lot of sights to see and roads to experience, waterfalls, cute little Temple in Sala Pet, good sea food restaurant, fishing village etc.

Long Beach

A fantastic destination and a great day out on the scooter is Long Beach, December 2016 the road was paved, now you can drive all the way to Long Beach and the little Beach after which has a Victory Monument, really worth visiting, amazing views, really a unforgettable experience. At the Victory monument a big ugly concrete building has been built in the shape of a boat, this should have been a museum and a little coffee shop but has never opened, door knobs already rusting away.

Opposite Long Beach on the left is a resort with no visible name (Tantawan), also really worth a visit, you can rent Kayaks and paddle a few minutes to the beautiful island just off the resort. They have nets breeding fish, go and have a look they have sharks too.

You will see Long Beach resort, here you can get food and drinks and you can access Long Beach.

Koh Chang Beaches

On Koh Chang the most popular beach is Lonely Beach, to get there walk to the main road then turn right then walk 500 meters along the road, walk through Siam Huts to access the beach. There is a sign to The Beach but this is misleading as it takes you to the Stoney beachfront only, Lonely beach is about 50 meters further on through Siam Hut. Lonely Beach is the only beach which gets deep, Kai Bea and Klong Prao for example you have to walk a very long way to get into deeper water.

Lonely beach has beautiful white sandy beach, beautiful clean water, paradise.

Most Beaches are accessible through resorts, the beaches belong to the island so access should be granted.

Kayak tours

Just outside of Lonely Beach you can see 3 islands, the furthest away (Koh Kahm) is the most beautiful, take you about 40 minutes to get there on a calm day. Great snorkeling.

BB Divers & Snorkeling, great day out

This is an individual snorkeling trip very recommendable for a couple of Baht extra, worth every penny. There is a slide from the roof on the boat. BB Divers take Divers and snorkelers together in the same boats, and best Diving. So you get to see people diving, and you might even want to give it a try.

An instructor will to show you how to snorkel and show you where the best places are, if you are a beginner this is the start of a new life underworld. There is a wide selection of food made from a well known Restaurant.

Tour 1, 1.200 Baht including the entry fee to the National Park you get a different day out, there is also a slide from the roof, great fun, beautiful sites.

Tour 2, for 1000 Baht, go and see the Wreck and 2 other local coral sites, no national park entry fee.

BB will supply you with fins, really good food, very friendly staff.

Fresh water shower on board.

Pickup at 8:30am at Little Eden, back at about 5:00pm.

Mr Khai Tour, lower budget

This is a really nice day out for only 900 Baht

Beautiful Boats, not too big, great snorkeling and a bit of fishing on the way back, fry or BBQ what you catch.

Fresh water shower on board.

Pickup at 8:40am at Little Eden, back at about 5:00pm.

Full day 5 Islands 900 Baht including the National Park entry fee.

Half day 3 Islands 700 Baht, pickup 10:10 for the lazy.

Night squid fishing for 750 Baht

Pickup at 18:00am at Little Eden, back at about midnight.

If you prefer lower budget snorkeling there are many places selling these, we prefer to offer you a more individual experience.

Alternatively take a day trip to Koh Wai for just 600 Baht, an island near Koh Chang, Large snorkeling area millions of fish, nice small island with a lovely beach and restaurant etc.

Fishing day out for only 1.300 Baht

Small fishing boat, Great fishing and sight seeing, food with a difference, if you have no experience of fishing here it is an excellent opportunity to learn with fun. A really individual experience.

Pickup at 8:40am at Little Eden, back at about 5:00pm.

Night fishing

Pickup at 17:00am at Little Eden, back at about midnight, very experienced staff.


Koh Rang national park offers fantastic diving, many fish and corals. Koh Rang is a group of island off Koh Chang, the water is only 10 to 12 meters deep so your 200 Bar goes a long way.

We have a few Padi Books in various languages left by customers for reference and for the inquisitive.

A ***** PADI School that provides snorkeling & SCUBA trips as well as certification for open water, advanced and many other adventure courses. BB have most up to date equipment, BB go to the Koh Rang National park for diving and also to the wreck and local sites, these areas have the most beautiful diving spots.

Please note that a surcharge of 200 Baht per person will be charged for diving in the Koh Rang National park.

The Wreck with BB Divers:

On the 22nd November 2012 HTMS Chang 712 was sunk a couple of kilometers off Bang Bao at a depth of about 30 Meters, the top about 15 meters.

Day out 1 wreck dive and local sites for 3,000 Baht

Fun Dives at the National Park Koh Rang, 2 Dives 3,000 Baht

Discover Diving, 2 dives Tuition 4,500 Baht

Bubble maker 8/10 years, 1 dive to max. 2 meters 2,500 Baht

Learn to dive, Open Water 14,500 Baht, duration 3 or 4 days

Tune up 1,000 Baht


An unforgettable experience

Elephant Trekking through the national park with the best, most experienced camp on the island, the elephants are treated well and the camp is located in the Jungle at the north of the island. The camp is a members of the Asian Elephant Foundation, a charity concerned with the welfare of Asian Elephants. It is run by a kind family who are devoted to make sure the rustic style does not change.

Experience bathing with your elephant, scrubbing and feeding etc, and riding in the Jungle, a wonderful experience with such gentle creatures. The keepers take excellent photos of you using your own camera, and maybe you can learn how to ride on the elephant's neck.

TIP: Wear your Swimming suite underneath your clothes for a quick and easy change. Insect repellant is also recommendable to take with you.

Pick up at Little Eden 8:10 or 10:10 or 12:10, back in about 4 hours

Full tour 2 hours 1,300 Baht

Jungle Trekking

Program I Mondays & Fridays, not always available

A guaranteed day of fun, you have the option to ride an Elephant at the end of the Trek. 5-6 Hours + 40 minutes Elephant Trekking

1,300 Baht

Program II Tuesdays & Saturdays

A day Trekking Klong Prao Trek 5-6 Hours

900 Baht

Program III Wednesdays & Sundays

Trekking to the top of the Jom Mountain

1,000 Baht

Program IV Thursdays

Half Day Family Trek, an interesting introduction to the Jungle

600 Baht


Massage is very recommendable in Thailand, many people think its the best in the world.

This could play a dominant part of your stay on Lonely Beach and Thailand.

The Traditional Thai Massage not only eases stiffness but improves the circulation of the whole body and carries oxygen and nourishment to each cell and encourages self-healing. Thus it regains healthy body and mind by getting original physical condition. Unlike so-called quick massage which takes which only takes short time to relive partial stiffness the Traditional Thai Massage takes relaxing time to relive the whole Body.

Doctor of Massage

Only 250 Baht for an Hour of relaxing Thai Massage, slightly cheaper than at home I expect ;-)

Try a two hour massage, sabaai sabaai. Traditionally Thai Massage is 2 hours.

I personally like a 1 and a 1/2 hour Thai massage then half an hour foot massage.

TIP: If your body is not used to massage I would start with an Oil Massage for a couple of times first working up to a Thai Massage. Thai Massage is a healing massage, enjoy :)

Cooking Classes, wisdom to take home with you

The Absolute Culinary Experience 2018/19

This is a must for anybody interested in cooking and anybody who loves the Thai Cuisine. The location is perfect next to the estuary opening to the sea and the venue is charming and has open spacious areas to make your time an unforgettable one. Yaa your host is a wonderful woman, a devoted Thai with buckets of knowledge about Thailand and its history and Culture.

Morning Class Preparing and Cooking, Yaa will explain lots about the Thai Culture and history. Includes an amazing cook book and Certification.

Dinner Class more enjoying Thai food which you help to prepare and cook, many different dishes, each day of the week a different menu.

You will be learning to cook many dishes, a wonderful experience, the class size will be up to 10 people for the course each day so you can be sure of a very interesting time. Take back the recipes and cook them for your friends at home, a piece of wisdom not to be missed.

Which dish would you like to cook?. . . and don't know the ingredients or how to do it? Just ask Yaa, she will show you how.

The price includes even a extensive Recipe Book created by Yaa herself.

Morning Class Pickup at 9:30am, back at about 3.30pm

An great day for 1,800 Baht.

Dinner Class Pickup 5.30pm, back about 9.30pm

Am enjoyable Evening for 1,500 Baht.

Koh Chang round trip

For those who feel not safe on a Motorscooter.

There is an operator who takes Customers to the most interesting spots of the island, view points, Mangrove woods, the Chinese Temple in the north of the island, the two main waterfalls. And a nice Lunch is included.

Entry fee National Park for the Water Fall 200 Baht extra.

Pick up 8.00, back about 4pm

A lovely day out for 800 Baht.

Muathai Thai Boxing

In the next village south (Bailan Bay) there is a Thai boxing school run by a Russian for those who wish to learn, more information.

Also on Kai Bea and on Klong Prau there are also Thai Gyms, probably a bit cheaper. Get a scooter and check them out.

Grand Lagoon Resort, the end of the road West coast, spooky resort

At the end of the road in the south of Koh Chang (a couple of kilometers beyond the Bang Bao village) there is a large private Resort owned by a very wealthy Thai, as a visiter you are very welcome but you will be asked to pay an entrance fee of 100 Baht per person, you might even get a guided Tour of the Resort. The beach is vast almost deserted, an alternative day out. Get there by motor-scooter or by Taxi.

Originally in about year 2000 there was a road connecting the two sides of the island, there were 2 bridges, these were washed away by the rain water coming down The Valley in the rain period, never been re-built. The road was really windy and steep, almost impossible to cross.

On the way or the way back from Grand Lagoona, where the road changes from double to single lane you should see a road going of up into the woods, this is the old road which used to connect the two sides of the island, on the west side the road stops about 1.5km at a bridge which was washed away years ago.

In 2010 Koh Chang authorities were considering to rebuild the road, but nothing happened.

Now in 2018 the prime minister visited the island and approved the building of the road again, so activities are expected to happen soon.

The Galaxy the 6 story boat at Grand Lagoon